The Art of Reading Tea Leaves

My exhibition is over now at Limerence. A lot of late nights and preparation went in to the exhibition but I am really proud of how it looked and so pleased with the responses, questions and encouraging comments I received. I thought I would show you a few more pics. The work requires a lot of patience. I love looking at the details and intricacy of things. The work reflects two things I love – drinking tea and crocheting. I have used the tea-stained paper of used tea bags, each one stained a unique pattern. Then I have carefully crocheted the paper reminiscent of a delicate lace doily. Each one is framed simply, between two sheets of glass to highlight the transparency and also to cast lacy shadows on the wall behind.2014-10-03 20.20.14 2014-10-03 20.19.28

2014-09-17 10.44.00 2014-09-17 10.42.51 2014-09-17 10.42.29 2014-09-17 10.41.39  2014-09-17 10.40.19 2014-09-17 10.39.59 2014-09-17 10.39.39

2014-09-17 10.40.45

2014-09-19 13.48.39


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