Better Late than Never

Way back in January I had the pleasure and privilege of attending one of master dyer, Aboubakar Fofana‘s, indigo workshops. The anticipation was high, I had been saving up for this experience for a while and I was not disappointed. In fact, it has just sparked my interest more in natural dyeing, the respect for the the process and the fabric and also the dye.

Aboubakar is a humble and gentle man, whose love of indigo was immense and also infectious. I feel honoured to have met him and learn from him. He is committed to preserving the nearly lost tradition of natural indigo and vegetable dyeing.

I stayed up late into the night stitching and binding. I experimented dyeing paper, wood and thread. And still there was more I wanted to do. I think I will start preparing now for next year.


AND you know what?  It gets even better!!

The indigo whetted my appetite and, due to a last minute cancellation, I was offered a spot in the Cochineal, Madder and Weld workshop.

I have never hidden my love of Reds, so this was something I was really excited about. Unlike the indigo workshop we didn’t complete any personal project but came home with an extensive knowledge, lots of colour samples, and a new love! Wow! Each new colour sample was my favourite and again can’t wait to do more.


I had so many photos, I didn’t know which ones to share with you. I’ve given you lots to look at.

Aboubakar is back in Australia, teaching more workshops starting on 22nd May at Jude Craigs studio in Upwey.

Indigo; walnut, catcheu and oak gall dyeing; yarn and fleece dyeing , sewing techniques .

For more details get in touch with his agent Johanna –


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